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About Spring

Spring is the season most full of hope and potential; life is ready to burst forth in full bloom. This is how we view our students, too: all of them are born with incredible potential just waiting to be unleashed. With this in mind, Spring Initiative ​was founded in 2011 to help children in Coahoma County, Mississippi, thrive. 

Students growing up in the Mississippi Delta face the consequences of centuries of racism, discrimination, and disinvestment every day. They attend under-staffed and under-resourced schools in a community where over 70% of children grow up below the poverty line. Spring works with the students and families who have been most impacted by these injustices. Beating the odds requires opportunity and support, which is not offered to too many individuals and families across the Mississippi Delta and especially Coahoma County. 


Spring Initiative empowers young people to beat these odds and create successful, happy, and hopeful lives for themselves. We believe that every single student can succeed. Spring provides holistic opportunities and steady support; it is our students who do the hard work to make their dreams come true and build a bright future. The young men and women of Coahoma County are creating and inspiring change every day. 

We believe in the transformational power of love and education.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Spring Initiative empowers young people in the Mississippi Delta to beat the odds, access the opportunities they deserve, and build successful, happy, and hopeful lives for themselves.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Spring Initiative envisions a Mississippi Delta full of hope where young people follow their dreams. 

Our Goals

Our Goals


Spring works with the students who face the strongest academic, emotional, and behavioral challenges.


Spring’s goal is to empower students to live out their full potential; break the cycle of poverty; lead happy, healthy, secure, and fully engaged lives; and give back to their community.  

Spring fully believes in the amazing potential of all its students and pursues the following specific goals: 

1. Be successful in school

Empower students to (re)engage in school, learn basic skills, make up the gaps, engage with challenging material, master skills, and perform successfully in academic environments. 

2. Foster emotional stability & strong relational skills

Support students in building a positive self-image and confidence, work through difficult patterns and address trauma in context of relationships & therapy, help kids to practice positive interactions with others and the world.  

3. Invest in a healthy lifestyle

Provide students with daily healthy nutrition, practice physically active lifestyles, build positive patterns like healthy eating and exercise, transform unhealthy behaviors. 

4. Pursue a successful college education

Expose kids to college students and campuses, encourage the desire to go to college, build necessary skills to get accepted and complete a high-quality university education. 

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