Spring Programs


We have 80 long-term students across 5 cohorts (based on age). Each group is comprised of 16 students (with 2 adults per group).

College Spring (college students)  

Big Spring (9th-12th graders) 
Junior Spring (7th and 8th graders) 
Little Spring (5th and 6th graders) 
Mini Spring (3rd and 4th graders) 

In each cohort, we focus on

  • Stable and positive relationships with cohort directors, cohort peer group, and extended Spring family network

  • Year-round, daily, high-intensity, holistic programming with long impact hours (3-5 hours daily, depending on age)

  • Quality educational interventions, instruction, and tutoring with individualized one-on-one support

  • High behavioral expectations, accountability, positive reinforcement, communication & conflict resolution skill building

  • Safe space and sharing time to confront negative self-image and fears, heal from trauma, build strengths and trust

  • Daily mentoring paired with weekly therapy to address trauma and maladaptive coping skills, and to build resilience

  • Enrichment through daily applied learning times to explore arts, science, community, technology, teamwork, and sports

  • Exposure through overnight educational travel to college campuses, museums, cultural and natural landmarks nationally

Baby University

We also offer a Baby University program. Baby University is a 10-week intensive parenting program for expecting parents and families with children under the age of 3. We believe that one of the most vital components to raising healthy, happy children is the establishment of a strong parent-child relationship. Baby University works with 100 families each year. 

"Spring has helped me feel good at reading and more confident in finishing my homework - I love Spring!"

-Omar, 10, Mini Spring