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Spring Programs


Spring works with 100 long-term students, out of which 80 students attend daily grade-based cohort programs. Each Cohort has 16 students and 2 full-time adults, and several Cohorts also have interns.

College & Career Spring (Cohort graduates who pursue college or employment)

Spring 2.0 (12th graders)  

Big Spring (10th-11th graders) 
Junior Spring (8th and 9th graders) 
Little Spring (6th and 7th graders) 
Mini Spring (4th and 5th graders) 

In each cohort, we focus on

  • Stable and positive relationships with cohort directors, cohort peer group, and extended Spring family network

  • Year-round, daily, high-intensity, holistic programming with long impact hours (3-5 hours daily, depending on age)

  • Quality educational interventions, instruction, and tutoring with individualized one-on-one support

  • High behavioral expectations, accountability, positive reinforcement, communication & conflict resolution skill building

  • Safe space and sharing time to confront negative self-image and fears, heal from trauma, build strengths and trust

  • Daily mentoring paired with weekly therapy to address trauma and maladaptive coping skills, and to build resilience

  • Enrichment through daily applied learning times to explore arts, science, community, technology, teamwork, and sports

  • Exposure through overnight educational travel to college campuses, museums, cultural and natural landmarks nationally

Baby University

We also offer a Baby University program. Baby University is a 10-week intensive parenting program for expecting parents and families with children aged 0 - 4. We believe that one of the most vital components to raising healthy, happy children is the establishment of a strong parent-child relationship. Baby University works with 100 families each year. 

"Spring has helped me feel good at reading and more confident in finishing my homework - I love Spring!"

-Omar, 12, Little Spring

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