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For most of us, 2020 has been very different than we could have imagined. 

We have tried to make the best of things by staying safe & connected.

Enjoy some images from our pre-Covid program times and hear 11 students reflect on how their lives have changed since the pandemic and how Spring has been part of it.


2020 Spring in Action


Listen to Kam, Tiara, Craig, Dinero, Jada, Jaleigha, Maliyah, Jadarius, Tarvis, Lorenzo, and Tarberanna share about their year - their hopes and challenges, what they are proud of, what Spring brings to their life, and what Spring has meant for them in these difficult times.

Although our lives continue to be filled with uncertainty, loss, and pain, we remember that Spring exists precisely because these realities are nothing new for many communities, including our own. 


We remain as certain as ever about our commitment to continue partnering with each and every one of our 80 long-term students as we work to overcome challenges, new and old, together. We invite you to invest in our students' lives by making a contribution today.

Please consider joining the Spring circle of core donors who help sustain our daily work & holistic programming by making a monthly contribution - as students transform their daily & monthly successes into incredible stories of opportunity, joy, and life transformation.


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Mini Spring: Socially distant outdoors tutoring session 
and daily virtual group time with hands-on materials.  

* * *

Little Spring: Food drop-off after outdoors tutoring session 
and interactive story-writing lesson in daily virtual program.

* * *

* * *

Jari Tomlin, College Spring

Dental Assistant Program

One way Spring really helped me is by being so patient. They encourage you to do what's best for you, to see your options and try new things... That's what they did for me, especially this semester, and I'm so happy. Spring helped me think about what I actually want to do. The first college and major I tried didn't work for me, but they just kept pushing and encouraging until I found that right thing, and I did!


* * *

Junior Spring: Fun Friday "hot foods challenge" Zoom and Jadarius receiving his birthday gift (with sister Dezaraye).

* * *

Big Spring: Students receive back-to-school baskets and participate in virtual college prep, goal-setting, and tutoring sessions.

* * *

Bradley Pierce, College Spring

Loyola University New Orleans

I am extremely grateful for all the support and generosity shared in my direction. I really love Loyola and I feel like it's nothing less than a perfect school for me. I feel that going to Loyola has given me opportunities I would not have had otherwise: being able to go to school in New Orleans and work on the skills that prepare me for a career in the future. It gives me an opportunity that others in my family haven't seen.


* * *

Thank you for believing in Spring!